Hideo James

One of my dreams is to discover time travel and use it to go back in time to some place like Medieval Europe and use my mastery of technology to seduce a bodacious medieval woman, contract some festering disease because of the lack of sanitation, and promptly die because they haven’t discovered basic medical practices.

Fuckin. Humble Squeenix Bundle and I’m at work. Let me go so I can spend my moneyyyyyy

I still can’t get over how fucking stupid Commie’s karaoke is for SAO 2. Like it goes beyond ridiculous and actually makes the show somewhat enjoyable in the most obtuse and roundabout way possible.

This episode’s smug levels was off the charts.


No matter how clean you think you are, your electronics that are made with a glossy finish will always have that “hey bro pass the controller” look to them.

The Wii U Pro Controller is probably one of the comfiest controllers I’ve held. Right up there with the 360 controller and the GameCube one. I mean the GamePad is fine but it always feels weird having my hands far apart when playing vidya. Its why I hated using the Wiimote.

That’s a lie. There were many reasons the Wiimote was terrible. Horrible button placement, needing peripherals to function properly, completely wireless because that’s always a good idea. You get the picture.

The only problem I have with the Pro Controller is it’s fucking glossy plastic. Who keeps doing this at Nintendo? Please fire this person because they have clearly never tried holding something made of glossy plastic for more than 5 seconds.

I hate AKoi so much. They’re always 5+ days behind on all their shows and they’re not even original TLs.

And fucking FFF is so shit too. Let’s take on a million shows and fall behind on all of them.

Fuck you.