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In a surprising twist, Tokyo MX’s broadcast quality is actually noticeably inferior to CrunchyRoll’s stream. Normally, the reverse is true where a TV broadcast’s quality is slightly better than the official stream. I’ve taken a few examples from two visual heavy shows this season: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, and Love Live! season 2. The images on the left are the television broadcasts from Tokyo MX, while the ones on the right are stream rips from CrunchyRoll.

This doesn’t affect people torrenting JJBA subs as I’m pretty sure 99% of you are using HorribleSubs or Commie, but if you’re watching Love Live just be aware that FFF’s video encode is not the best option by a longshot.

P.S.: Tokyo MX also broadcasts a few other shows that may be affected but I’m too lazy to check, namely Chaika, Dragonar, and Mangaka-san. However, I can say with certainty that the rest of the shows they’re airing this season are safe and the groups subbing them have picked better raw encode options.

Found my Charizard wallet at the back of my desk while cleaning and found $500. Gonna treat myself to some McNuggies tomorrow.

Day 6


Oh man, one of the questions I’ve been looking forward to, let’s get to answering it, shall we? x

6. Have any of your characters ever died or come close to dying?
If so, who, and how?

The short answer to this question is yes, Josh Matthews, my least favorite character died once.  How?  A laser beam hit a volcano and lava burned him to death.

Long Answer

So, to give some background on this, the party, consisting of Hart Robin, who was like 11 years old, wore a Kyuubey hat, and hit things with a whip, Tina, who liked dinosaurs and chiseling shit even when there was no reason to do it, and Garland, some rich guy who lived in a castle with a dad never around and liked shitty dubstep.  ANYWAYS, so we’re fighting some imps and basilisks and shit on this volcano, and we were given a voodoo charm earlier, this voodoo charm could reflect laser beam blasts and make it so that whoever was going to get shot wouldn’t.  So, our friendly Hart decided “HEY, I GOT AN IDEA.”  So, to save our party, Hart orders the ship we have to shoot a laser at me, which, as you were just told, wouldn’t hit me, so it hits the volcano instead.  My character was right next to this hole that was made by the laser, and died immediately after being covered in lava, Garland, instead of doing anything else just starts laughing and eventually he gets covered in this lava and dies too.  Tina and Hart, the only remaining members of this party fly off and know that they fucked up and have to do this fucking time restart with Tina’s powers, she could do stuff with time, and ended up going back to a point where two people didn’t die because someone shot a damn laser at a volcano.  So yeah, a laser hit the side of a volcano, and caused not one but two party members to die.  Although, one did pretty much kill himself.

Fuck you. I fired it because everyone said it was a good idea. It was a democratic decision.

literally mad cuz bad

literally mad cuz bad

This is literally Naruto.

Seize your destiny.

The only thing I know about Souls lore is that there’s a dude with Yaranaika on his armor that talks about Sunny D.

I just had a dream I became a Dark Souls roleplaying blog.

This is my future.

It’s disgusting how bad the video quality is for all of Tokyo MX’s broadcasts this season. Crunchyroll is actually the best video source for JoJo and Love Live this season and that’s just upsetting.