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If my yuri ship is sunk in the last season, I might consider killing Bryke.

Well, Book 6 actually turned out to be really good. The second best fight in all six seasons helped it a lot.

Too bad metallic poison cop-out sort of ruined it, but at least there were ramifications for it. Here’s hoping it’s actually relevant in the final season, and not forgotten altogether like bending removal/restoration and Spirit Bending.

9/10 - it’s okay

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seeing photos of your favorite artist for the first time

thanks, video games.

(responding to the thing about bandwagons and things popular people say) I think it's because they like every OTHER part of the person they see, so why wouldn't they want to share their opinions. it's a weird "you're my hero" thing that a lot of people use because they want to be like that person??? idk just my 2 cents.

They’re attracted to the IDEA of that person, what the person represents. The person’s existence is negligible and easily replaced with any other sort of similar idol. Hence when that person does or says something against that ideal they represent, two factions are formed: in one you have those that jump ship and find a new idol who represents the same or similar ideals, shunning their previous one. In the other, you have those that vehemently defend that idol, placing wool over their own eyes. In both parties, not considers the subject’s true intention. They don’t have to. The idol in question is no longer a person, so to speak. They are a representative of an ideal.

What people fail to realize is that they idolize a concept, not a person. The concept of this person is what they view as the ideal. The celebrity phenomena isn’t a sociological one, it is a psychological one.

People are not concerned with heroes themselves so much as they are concerned with the virtues (and vices) they represent.

[I’m going to drop pretenses at this point]

Basically, what if JonTron just suddenly was replaced by someone who looked, acted, etc exactly like him. The Jon Jafari that disappeared is irrelevant. No one would care because the ideal he represented still existed.

However, if that persona were to drop even for a second, there would be outrage. Why? Because the Ideal JonTron has acted in a way that goes against what he has come to be recognized by in the eyes of the public. They are not mad at Jon Jafari. They aren’t even mad at JonTron. They are mad at a prefabricated ideal that they themselves established being torn down.

tl;dr: babby morons that can’t discern reality from their fan fictions getting mad that someone is acting the opposite of what their fan fiction has them doing

nah but ferreal when people be like “did you see what whatshisface said on the tweeters and the yotubs” im just like

literally who?