Hideo James

My goal in life is to get August 1st known for my birthday rather than for Digimon 01. Fuck 90s kids. Worship me.

>they see your stand

>they see your stand

because Happiness Charge is pretty good

*hacha is good tho

There was also Gokaiger (good as an anniversary, terrible as a stand alone season), Decade (terrible, period), and Crystal (two years late). 

Their track record is worse than good.

>Digimon 15th Anniversary


>anniversary season

Why even get excited?

So that Attack on Titan sweater belongs to my team leader. Oops.

I don’t get how the new Spongebob movie works. Why are they so tiny and why doesn’t Spongebob dry up when he’s on land like in that episode when he first visited Sandy’s dome and I’m pretty sure the whole running gag was that when on land they were actually represented with their real world counterparts rather than their animated caricatures and why am I thinking so much into this?

The Fresh movie was probably the most forgettable Precure movie I’ve watched, right up there with the first Max Heart movie. I want that hour of my life back.